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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sleep Typing

Have you ever been writing when you're tired, and you fall asleep typing? I have. Most of the time it ends up a jumble of letters, but I've found a couple of doozies that make sense. Sorta. I left in the typos.

In this first one the main character just found dead bodies from a mining accident that happened 100 years ago.

Several died right here itand un usually normal level of bathroom tissue.

Unusually normal level of bathroom tissue? I have no idea. I don't even say "bathroom tissue"; I say "toilet paper".

In this second one the bad guy is in the middle of threatening the good guy and he says:

everyone needs someonnn to cut thema cookie
Now that's the way I want to be threatened.

So how about you? Any crazy things you've written and want to fess up to?


  1. Wow, I wish I could say that I have.

    My inane ramblings tend to be odd philosophical observations that I scribble into a notebook at a red light, or while walking from place to place. Later, I try to decipher the thought process and it's just nonsense like "evolved responses to other's kids (in regard to romance in fantasy stories)" Uh... huh?

  2. At least you're taking every opportunity to try and capture something. I sometimes to write down a great idea in the middle of the night (but I don't want to turn on the light) and often end up writing words on top of others. And what I can make out in the morning is never brilliant.

  3. HAH. These are awesome. I've never actually done that, but I manage to occasionally forget I'm writing *while* I'm writing, and whatever I'm thinking or hearing wanders into my prose.

    I was actually writing this pretty disheartening scene when along came in a stray thought about dinner. So instead of my valiantly snarky MC pouring her heart out to herself existentially, she cut herself off mid-thought with a preposition and a food item.